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The Generation Report is a video podcast series covering topics that apply and expand upon Strauss and Howe's theory of history and generations, a theory made famous by the books Generations and The Fourth Turning.

The purpose of this series is to make a contribution to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of the link between generations and history.

- Paul Zimmy Finn

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"That Which Hath Been is Now"

Strauss-Howe generational theory is based on the understanding that social change over time is to a great extent created by the experiences, outlooks, decisions and contributions of people, and that the rhythms of history reflect the social and biological rhythms of human life.

The Book of Ecclesiastes famously says, "For everything there is a season", and "That which hath been is now." The Book of Exodus makes reference to the Lord "forgiving iniquity and transgression [to] the fourth generation." Many ancient civilizations going back thousands of years have seen social change as a cyclically recurring phenomenon driven by people.

The connection between history and generation is not's just that we need to be reminded of it. We can all understand the times we are living through a bit better by remaining mindful of this connection.

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