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America is in winter. Time is seasonal.

History creates generations. Generations create history.

The Generation Report covers a range of topics that explain or expand upon William Strauss and Neil Howe's theory of history and generations. In this difficult time for our country, it is imperative that Americans understand the connection they have to the history earlier generations created, and the history they are creating today.

- Paul Zimmy Finn


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Episode 58: "Save Democracy" Mania Part 2 - A Nation of Intellectuals

Episode 57: The One Prediction That Seems Safe



Strauss-Howe generational theory is based on the understanding that societies evolve over time because of the contributions of people themselves, and that the rhythms of history reflect the rhythms present in human life. Modern generational analysis by pollsters, social scientists, and the media entirely disregard this symbiosis. The Generation Report seeks to illuminate how American history has evolved thanks to the contributions of ordinary Americans throughout the seasons of time, and in the process to contribute to a sea change in how generational study is conducted.

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Longtime lover of history and Bob Dylan. In that order.

I first read the works of William Strauss and Neil Howe in 2014. Doing so, changed my life. As a Millennial, I have personally witnessed and experienced much of what Strauss and Howe predicted would materialize for my generation, more than two decades ago. As a lifelong history lover, I have lots of my own ideas about how their theory connects to events, trends, and people of note in US history, as well as how current events and other scholarship illuminate and reinforce their ideas. It is time for the connection between history and generations to be understood - by every concerned American, and by everyone who loves freedom, everywhere.

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